Our Environment

Our environment is hugely important for now and the future generations of the farms. We continue to strive to create the best environment possible.

A Positive Impact

Burltey Farm

At all stages of farming we actively seek to limit our impact on the environment at Burtley, and, wherever possible, have a lasting positive impact. To help us achieve this the entire farm is farmed organically and under an extensive Higher Level Stewardship agreement.

Looking to the Future

Burtley Farm

We have also undertaken a number of hedgerow and woodland planting works to help increase the habitats available for endangered species such as farmland birds.

Our organic pedigree cattle herd is raised to the highest industry standards and is audited on an annual basis by independent bodies such as Red Tractor, Organic Farmers and Growers and RSPCA Freedom Foods.

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Enhancing the land

Wilmaston Farm

We look to maintain our estate to the highest degree taking great pride in caring for the environment, land and buildings under our management.

We are also making an effort to enhance the land we farm by entering in to the Government backed Countryside Stewardship Scheme. Amongst other things, this scheme will allow us to preserve areas for feeding farmland birds and protecting archaeology.

Long term goals

Wilmaston Farm

Our next aim is to increase our use of wood fuels for heating and switch to low energy, LED lighting. We have frequent external audits against the industry leading Red Tractor assurance scheme to ensure our produce is safe, traceable and meets the highest welfare standards.

To find out more about our environmental assurance, please get in touch:

Savills – g.wordsworth@savills.com