Our Organic Beef

Organic Beef

Burtley Farm is home to 200 organic pedigree South Devon, Hereford, and Simmental Cows.

We are a regular and longstanding supplier of organic beef to Waitrose, and now offer our high quality beef boxes directly to the public too.

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We pride ourselves on our top class produce, and we are FABBL Farm assured, RSPCA Freedom Foods monitored and certified by Organic Farmers and Growers.


Not sure how to tell your silverside from your skirt?

At Burtley we make the most of all the different cuts our prize winning cattle have to offer and ensure that everything is used.

We recommend the shin for a deliciously tender slow cooked stew!

Our Beef Boxes

Our Organic Beef Boxes are now available to buy for £120 and can be collected directly from the farm. Each 10kg box will contain a selection of :

1kg Steak (rump, sirloin)
4 kg Joints (topside, top rump, brisket, silverside)
3 kg mince (in 0.5kg bags)
2 kg stewing or braising steak (in 0.5kg bags)

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